Saturday, February 02, 2008

My 1st Paper in Oil Area

Analysis of Drilling Time and Cost per Foot at Kaji Field

Drilling is the most critical and expensive activity in oil gas industry. That is why a drilling operation must be well programmed in accordance with time, cost and drilling target. The main job of a drilling engineer is to design a drilling program, contains of target depth, drilling time, cost, casing, and cementing program. In drilling operation at a producing field or development wells, there is a relationship between cost and depth. And by mathematical model, it can be obtained the drilling and trip time formula using the sample data. The drilling time formula can be used as guidance in creating drilling program in Kaji Field is td=0.748(e0.00121D-1), and the trip time formula is tt=(0.003)D. In order to get an optimum cost-per-foot, a 517 bit 8½ in should be better operated for about 32 hours rotating hours. While the optimum rotating hours for 117 bit 12¼ in can not be obtained because the main goal of early drilling is to direct drill string in operating directional drilling and that drilling needs to be controlled in a certain Weight on Bit (WOB) even in soft formation to maintain Rate of Penetration (ROP).

- Kaji Field is here
- Completely paper could be obtained by contacting me, please state your purpose and clear institution*

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Rachmawati said...

Trian... am I your buddy?


mau lah paperna. Alasan: buat koleksi. hehehe

itu harusnya 'complete paper can [why past tense?] ... your purpose and institution clearly'

karena clear institution terdengar aneh, dan terkesan meragukan institusi pemohon artikel :P

Boleh komen papernya juga gak? bahasa Inggrisnya agak ambigu, ada grammar yang kurang tepat. Bisa dicoret sana sini sama Rachma, heheheh >:). Peace...peace... :D. Yang semangat aja.

Trian Hendro A. said...

waduh, maklum ma..paper pertama in english, jadi berantakan hehe.

ntar kalau semua dibaca rachma, terancam dicoret semua nih..