Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Magnificent Seven

PGSF – Strategic Finance Class of 2010

For some people eighteen months seems like forever but to us, it was only yesterday. Time flies indeed. We accomplished many things in such sort of time. It was exhausting, sometime frustrating, but exciting at the same time. And we would be lying if we didn’t have good time. It was fun.

Everyone and each of us were blasting and learned new knowledge and what so called best practices. One was so enthusiastic and suddenly spoke fluent English learning the different between merger and acquisition from neighboring country lady lecture. One never skips school, well maybe only one or two. One copied-pasting class materials for his consulting business and made money from it. One was chasing virtual girl named Maya but never has gut how to start a conversation. One gave her first birth and brought along her new baby-son completing an exam. One has to rush home as soon as the Friday class is over driving for 76 miles to the south (we know what he’s up to). One went for pilgrim struggling for changing his life upon returned. People change and grow.

We are changing and growing. We should be proud of ourselves for standing still up to this point. Attending night classes after work is challenging but we survived. Finish line is just few seconds distance.

Let’s win our final battle and together we can make it. Soon we will get what we are dreaming for. Stay in touch valued friends. We are not across universe. We are just across the corner. Heaven knows what He is planning for us and we should keep the faith that our path will cross again…

[ PGS Campus, Last Night-Class - May 8, 2012 ]

* Thanks to Mas Arif M for the picture and words.

Monday, May 07, 2012

The good tackle, isn't it? :)

At the end of the match, we won 3-2.

* Thanks to Yudi who's capturing the moment last weekend.