Friday, August 26, 2005


I know you are in myself
I know you are surround me
And i know now...
I’m just part of you

I feel so many people lose themself
Walking in crowd communities
Without their meaning in the deep heart
And i suggest you, life
Give us the usefull leason
About you, about things beside and arround you

The lesson which lighten our mind
That to brighten our faith
More and more than when we were born

It’s maybe an apologize for me
It’s probably not appropriate for me
To give a want

It’s because, i don’t want to be alone in you
Cause i am being the care man
Better than yesterday, and will be
Much better than today

PPSDMS, June 25th 2005
pas lagi ada tugas buat "poems" dlm 10'

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